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We create customized tranquil cool environment with mist cooling, mosquito misters, lighting solutions, water features and more.

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Mist Cooling

We offer a complete range of high-pressure fog accessories for creating effects in various applications, both commercial and residential.

Mosquito Misters

We use products that are produced from natural ingredients and have been shown by independent lab tests to be non-toxic.

Lighting Solutions

We are  the leaders in installing and providing the best lighting solutions for any situation.


Gorillas in the Mist created our fan and mister design/layout, the sail shades over our waterfall and ALL of our lighting solutions for Guanabanas Restaurant in Jupiter, Florida. We have been working with Gorillas in the Mist for the past 4 years and use their product knowledge to help us execute our unorthodox solutions for all the unique problems that exist in an outdoor restaurant. The misters are excellent, they keep our guests cool and the unique design creates yet a another component to our unique atmosphere.  I would highly recommend Gorillas in the Mist!!!

Jon Sullivan

General Manager/Vice President, Guanabanas Restaurant

Mosquito Misters…..Best money I ever spent! No Kidding! Before my family and I couldn’t even go on my back patio and hang out. Forget about swimming without my kids getting bitten alive by mosquito. Gorillas in the Mist came highly recommended so I called them up. They came quickly and gave me a quote. Within a few weeks I had the misters set up and running. Jon and his team at Gorillas were extremely professional and knowledgeable when it came to explaining the misting system. And honestly I couldn’t believe how awesome they worked! Now if I see one mosquito I’m in shock. Its so incredible…I should have done it a long time ago. Thank you Gorillas!

Natalie Marie Diaz-Ghislandi

Home Owner

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